Private lessons Hunter College, New York City 1991 to 1992

Private lessons Harlem School of the Arts, New York City (substitute instructor)

Faculty member Shakespeare's Workshop,

New York City, 1997 to 1998

Private lessons Pan Music Studio - The Music Building, New York City 1998 to 2003

Professor of Jazz and Rock Guitar Studies

Calderone School of Music, New Jersey,

Music theory all instruments. Classical guitar, Jazz guitar, Rock and

Blues guitar, Advanced theories. 2006 to 2007

CUNY LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, Taught Adult Continuing Ed, College of Children and Teen Academy,

Created, proposed and finalized several courses for CUNY, including a

music class based on the video/X-Box game Guitar Hero. 2007 to 2010

Paul Green's School of Rock, NYC, NJ. 2008 to 2011 Private lessons for guitar, Group Band lessons (guitar, bass, drum, piano, vocals) for Rock performances, taught at New York City and the New Jersey schools. (Only substitute teaching private

lessons in NYC for summers only after March 2011)

Teaching Artist for Bronx Arts Ensemble 2012 to present

Teaching Artist for City Lore 2014

to present

Douglaston School of Music Little Neck NY, 2013 to present. Guitar, piano and Music Theory classes.

Currently teaching Jazz theory and Guitar lessons to students in Japan via Skype. 2010 to present

Private guitar lessons Boston MA, New York City, Japan 1990 to present

In addition to a strong professional performance, theoretical and

conceptual background, Arnold's teachings emphasizes composition, melodic development, developing a musical identity and expanding creativity. He teaches a variety of improvisational methods

that can be utilized to play over changes,

using simple pentatonic modes to advanced linear and mathematical harmonic concepts.

This can greatly increase the student's writing and soloing, and help to develop an musical identity. His teaching resume is available upon request.

Knowledgeable in utilizing the latest and most sophisticated guitar effects,

hardware and software, Music recording and sound design software such as Ableton Live (all versions),

Reaktor 5.5 (Built my own synth program using Reaktor macros), Cubase, Battery 3, Sonar, Bome's Midi Translator,

VST effects, Guitar Rig, ArKaos VJ, Massive Synth program, Music Instrument Digital Interface hardware. Understand of routing principles. Owns a personal collection of over

65GB of drum and sound samples for creating beats.


A few Performance highlights

About Me


* Beaver Harris- "360 Degree Trio Live in New York", Guitarist, Independent 1992

* Fade to Vision "Fade to Vision" Black Rock Coalition Producer, Independent release 1997

*Arnold Strickland Trio "Live at Soha" SoulJazz Guitar/Hammond B3 Organ/Drums group, Independent release 2000

*STRICK-9 "From the Fire" Independent release 2003

* Grammy winner and Reggae legend Burning Spear on "Columbus" (remake, single) Guitarist, Island Def Jam 2005

*STRICK-9 "Invasion of the Booty Snatchers "Independent release 2007.

* Rodney Kendricks Group "Protest" Verve 2011.

Arnold has played, performed or recorded with Beaver Harris, Burning Spear, Ramsey Lewis, Roy Hargrove, TimboKing, Reuben Wilson, Num Amen Ra, Nasheet Waits, Greg Lewis, DJ Fabio Marzo, Delfeayo Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, Melvin Sparks, Curtis Fuller, Cody Moffett, Charnett Moffett, Rodney Kendricks, Leon, James Carter, Marcus Johnson, Lenny Stallworth, Eric McPherson, Vadim Zilberstein, Dwayne Burno, Dion Parsons, Kenny Drew Jr, Antonio Hart, Stanley Jordan, Marc Cary, Kenji Hino and many more!


Teaching Experience


Arnold skills as a guitarist are extraordinary.

Arnold is known for his cutting edge style and has been referred to as a "Hendrix Blood Ulmer Funk Vibe with Bebop lines". 

Chaos, Fibinacci ratios, Golden Mean Principle, foresight and after thought, Zen Baptists, Spirituality, The Tao of Chuan Fa, Jimi Hendrix, Pfunk groove theories, Miles Davis, Bela Bartok, I' Ching, Concept of Maat, 18 Buddha Hand, fire in the middle, body and soul, Ebonics, melodies, Ancient Chants, Afro Centric, 3D Art, high IQ, Family, gigs, peace and love.


Arnold began his New York career by being grabbed by one of the greatest drummers in Jazz history, Beaver Harris, one of the true father's of Avant Garde drums. Beaver joined the Arnold Strickland Trio and they began to work the NYC Jazz scene. 

As he emerges on the World wide Jazz scene as evident with his just released interview with Hybrid Jazz with Trish Hennessy or his interview with the Italian Blog/Magazine “FreeFall Jazz, or his interview with Jazz Inside magazine, or his collaborations with musicians here and abroad, Guitarist Arnold Strickland is making a name for himself as a force to be reckoned with! If you havent heard of him, Arnold Strickland is a Progressive Jazz Guitarist based in New York City. Known for his progressive, aggressive, cutting edge style and ability to uniquely perform and mix in his way, different genres, from post BeBop to HipHop in his own music.

Arnold Strickland

Arnold is native of St Louis got his first guitar at the age of 6. His early influences were Jimi Hendrix, Keith Jarrett and John Coltrane. Arnold attended St Louis Conservatory of Classical Music where he

studied classical guitar. Arnold perform solo Classical guitar around the Midwest area. 

After 3 years at St Louis Conservatory, Arnold was accepted to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. There, Arnold met musicians from every corner of the Planet, and had access to the most advanced concepts of

Jazz arranging and improvisation. 

Arnold has had many great mentors, from Jazz guitar great Melvin Sparks, the father of Acid/Soul jazz Hammond B3 Organ Reuben Wilson, the legendary Pianist Donald Brown and Tenor titan Bill Pierce.

Arnold was also chosen as the house guitarist for the world famous Bluenote Jazz Club in NYC, where he beat out all the competition and was honored to play with the absolute, best in Jazz and share the same stage with Herbie Hancock, John Scofield, BB King, Philly Joe Jones and many others. The house band also featured "young lions" and Jazz stars Cody and Charnet Moffett, Kenji Hino and Kenny Drew Jr. 

During his second year at Berklee, Arnold got the chance to play with Ramsey Lewis. This World renowned musician gave him insight and direction. While at Berklee, Arnold continued to tour and gig with his college peers like Roy Hargrove and Delfeyo Marsalis.

After his 4 year stay at Berklee, Arnold moved to New York City to pursue his musical career. 

A few performance and Tour Highlights

Arnold was the Producer for Black Rock Coalition's member, "Fade to Vision"'s first CD, Fade to Vision. This group features Bass great Aalics Bronson.

Arnold forms a new project called STRICK9, a seriously new cutting edge group that features young jazz luminaries Nasheet Waits and Greg Lewis. This group will release their 3rd independent CD!

Arnold performs with Producer and Jazz piano great Marcus Johnson for a live radio performance broadcast-ed at Sirius Satellite Radio at Rockefeller Center in New York City, a

performance hear around the world!

Arnold performs at "Summer Stage" in the meadow of NYC's Central Park with the headline group "Nu Afrika Project" that features the actor/singer "Leon" and Grammy winner Num Amen Ra, for an estimated 60,000 people!

Arnold performed his cutting edge style of guitar based computer loop/sample music in collaboration with one of Italy's most famous Hip Hop DJ's, Fabio Marzo as part of their well received European Hip Hop tour!

Arnold recorded with Grammy winning Reggae Artist, Burning Spear and is featured on the upcoming 2006 re-release of Spear's classic "Columbus".

Arnold recorded at Clive Davis Studio in NYC with members of Wu Tang Clan, Rhonda Ross and Producer, Jazz great Rodney Kendricks on a soon to be released CD!

Collaborative Producer with Universal Music Group's Producer Billie Gean, who produced Hip Hop beats for DL4 "That Laffy Taffy" 2006 now a huge hit all 

over the airwaves, The Dipolmats aka Dip Set,

late 2006 release. Stay tuned for new Hip Hop beats produced by BJAS!

Arnold Strickland/Rodney Kendricks project!

Besides being one of jazz music's piano greats

with 6 major label releases under his belt,

Rodney also produced hits for Wu Tang Clan,

Buster Rhymes, Fat Joe and Abby Lincoln.

Guitarist for “The Devils Playground”, an

experimental HipHop group, 2007

to present. Released 2 CDs and 3 Videos. Music and videos

Arnold Strickland JazzFunk Trio

featuring the Legendary Mike Clark

on Drum and the renowned Richie Goods on

Electric and Acoustic Basses.

Summer 2011.

Summer 2012, the only Jazz Artist (Arnold Strickland Trio) to perform at the Electronic music festival, "The Return to the Bubble Kingdom", the biggest music festival of that year in NYC with thousands of people attending!

The Arnold Strickland Band will be performing for the 2013/2014 International Jazz Festival Jazz Caltagirone, in Sicily Italy! Spring 2014!