Arnold Strickland


The Devils Playground

Arnold Strickland

Arnold Strickland Guitar, Vocals, Computer Programming, Effects. Various renowned musicians and instrumentation.

The Devil's Playground is a mercurial group of musicians who adds to its sound with every musical form and genre it comes in contact with. Influences come from all over: R&B, heavy metal, Rock, Alternative hip-hop, reggae -- everywhere.

Tan and Righteous lead vocalist, guitarist Arnold Strickland, bassist Chulo Gatewood, drummer Henning Stumm, keyboardist Dan Policar.

STRICK-9 is a project featuring some of New York's hottest, rising Jazz Musicians. Like their musical fathers Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane,

Strick-9 shatters the boundries between

Jazz and Rock, Blues and HipHop, pushing into new territory, creating dense, adventurous, unpredictable soundscapes.

Strick9 Instrumentation

Arnold Strickland Guitar, Vocals, Computer Programming, Effects.


Nasheet Waits Drums.

Greg Lewis Hammond B3 Organ.